Zen 6 and Mr. Okayama


Ramen is taking over. What was once a buzzy food just in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco is now popping up all over the country, including cities such as Philadelphia, Austin, and San Diego. Blame Momofuku’s noodley overlord David Chang, perhaps: it’s certainly no coincidence that a good number of the new ramen restaurants mimic the sleek wood aesthetic of his landmark New York restaurant Noodle Bar, and the ramen trend has only intensified after the first, ramen-themed first issue of Chang’s Lucky Peach was released in 2011.

“We aim to serve ramen that embraces a whole meal in one bowl,” explains Mr. Okayama about the spirit behind their ramen. Zen 6 really expands the concept of ramen and elevates this cuisine to the next level. It’s a ramen shop for the next generation.

Address: 328 E 6th st New York,NY 10003
Phone: 646-429-8471
Email Address: info@zen6ny.com