Zen 6 in New York

aboutusThe newly opened ramen house in the heart of the East Village, Zen 6, has every reason for people to visit.  Zen 6 offers an interesting combination of authentic Japanese standard ramen and bold and innovative creations. The first on the must-try list is their signature Tan Tan 6, which provides a unique twist to the standard tan tan men (ramen noodles with spicy meat sauce). “This is one of my favorite.” says Mr. Okayama, owner of Noodle Café Zen that has served ramen for over 20 years in New York.  Their exciting menu consists of two categories: Tokyo Standard, traditional style ramen like tonkotsu, shoyu and miso, and creative ramen such as Dancing Spicy Ramen, Spider Ramen, Dragon Chashu Ramen, California Ramen and more. “Ramen meal is evolving and Zen6 is one to watch out for.” explains Mr. Okayama about the spirit behind their ramen. Zen 6 really expands the concept of ramen and elevates this cuisine to the next level. It’s a ramen shop for the next generation.