From Standard Favorites to Inventive Creations

Zen 6 Brings Next Generation Ramen

3_1The newly opened ramen house in the heart of the East Village, Zen 6, has every reason for people to visit. Operated by the owner of Noodle Café Zen that has served ramen for over 20 years in New York, Zen 6 offers an interesting combination of authentic Japanese standard ramen and bold and innovative creations. The first on the must-try list is their signature Tan Tan 6, which provides a unique twist to the standard tan tan men (ramen noodles with spicy meat sauce). “You can’t talk about our ramen without eating this ramen,” says Mr. Okayama, owner of Zen 6. Their exciting menu consists of two categories: Tokyo Standard, traditional style ramen like tonkotsu, shoyu and miso, and New York Pop, creative ramen such as Dancing Spicy Ramen, Spider Ramen, Dragon Chashu Ramen, California Ramen and more. “We aim to serve ramen that embraces a whole meal in one bowl,” explains Mr. Okayama about the spirit behind their ramen. Zen 6 really expands the concept of ramen and elevates this cuisine to the next level. It’s a ramen shop for the next generation.


Tan Tan 6 $13.75

3_3This ramen highlights their masterfully crafted, medium thick straight noodles and soup combining chicken and tonkotsu broths to get just the right richness. Fried garlic and house-made maayu (roasted garlic oil) add extra body and nuttiness to the spicy soup and conventional tan tan men meat sauce while an abundance of fresh vegetables balances out the layering flavors. Mix well before eating!



Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen $10.75

3_4The golden combination of firm, straight noodles and a rich and full-bodied tonkotsu broth is enlivened in this traditional Hakata style tonkotsu ramen. Inspired by the famous Ippudo tonkotsu ramen, Zen 6 has perfected their soup with a milder and smoother taste that goes well with their original maayu.



Dancing Spicy Ramen $12.50

3_5Fried calamari in ramen is an amazing idea. You can enjoy two different flavors in one dish: the crispy texture in the first bite followed by something moist and flavorful via the chicken and tonkotsu blended soup. Scallions and daikon radish sprouts add a refreshing touch to this standard, with an extra nuttiness coming from the peanuts and fried garlic.



Spider Ramen $15.50

3_6Oversized soft shell crab sitting on the ramen brings a happy feeling to your stomach and taste buds. A medley of flavors come one after another when you bite into this umami-packed and texture-filled dish. The chicken and tonkotsu blended soup mildly embrace a whole lot of flavors.


Taj Mahal Ramen $11.50

3_7Curry meets ramen, making this the marriage of the king and queen of Japanese comfort foods. The curry flavor is reserved to highlight their chicken base broth and is just enough to add an energizing aroma and a kick to the dish. Medium thick straight noodles absorb the soup well, and crisp, fresh bean sprouts and scallions display comfortable harmony with the original meat paste.


3_8Homemade Gyoza Dumplings
Every Customer who orders Zen 6’s Ramen in store will receive a ticket for 3 pieces of Gyoza which can be used when you order our Ramen on your next visit.



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